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For the Love of Travel: Part 1

We can all agree, there are so many things to love about traveling. Experiencing the beauty of a new city, the sound of the waves crashing on the ocean, the peacefulness of coffee by the pool, the memories made with new friends, the laughter, the tears, the joy — it's all magical.

Traveling also is a means of connection and connectedness.  Connection with others, nature, ourselves, and the universe around us. Interconnectedness resonated with me on this trip, especially during my solo travels through Tamarindo and Nosara. Each person I met and every experience I had guided me to the next step of my journey as if it were always meant to unfold in this way.

My solo travels began in Tamarindo, so we will call it Day 1. I arrived at the domestic airport in San Jose. It was small, cute, and efficient. During the check-in process, they weigh the bag you are checking, the bag you are carrying on, and you! The planes are so small that they need to account for every pound on board. #safetyfirst. As I was waiting for the plane to take off, I was informed that I would not be able to take my bag on board due to the weight limitations of the plane. And of course, I started crying! On top of that, I would also have to go back to the airport to collect my bag 4 or 5 hours later (or whenever the plane decided to land) to collect my bags. More tears! They were kind enough to let me collect a few things from my bag so I grabbed a swimsuit and a pair of sandals.

As I was walking back to the waiting area, I overheard that I was not the only one in this predicament. I connected with the fellow traveler and he shared the contact information of the managers on the ground. 

At this point, there was nothing more I could do, I took a breath and began boarding. It’s not boarding in the traditional sense. They called our destination and we walked onto the tarmac and climbed into the plane. We were off. The views from the sky were incredible!

Hola Tamarindo! Let me tell you, this was the smallest airport I have ever flown into. Upon arrival, I chatted with my fellow bagless traveler and he helped me communicate with the staff to have my bag delivered to my hotel. We parted ways, I walked out to find my driver and was greeted by a cow determined to prevent me from leaving. Fortunately, my driver defended the van and delivered me safely to my hotel.

I stayed at the In The Shade Hotel and Coworking. I chose this hotel because it was meant for coworking. I wanted to be intentional with my time and having an air-conditioned space outside of my room was a huge bonus. I changed out of my travel outfit and into the only other outfit I had. A bikini and sandals. Perfect, right?

I relaxed by the pool where I met my best friends for the night, two fellow travelers who were attending a shuffle dancing retreat. They invited me to an EDM party, and lucky for me, a swimsuit was perfectly acceptable attire! We danced, ate ceviche, and danced more, it was the perfect night. Thank you, Jenny and Monique!

Day 1 of the trip exceeded my expectations. I went in with the goal of pool, food, and sleep. I achieved it and also experienced connection, dancing, and friendship. I am grateful for the memories from my first night in Tamarindo. 

Until next time, 

Stay present friends.

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